Cable Manufacturing Process

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Cable manufacturing is a process that typically is as follows:

+ Insulate copper conductors or optical fibers with selected polymer(s)
+ If specified, shield insulated copper conductors (based on cable design)
+ If specified, twist insulated conductors into pairs or triplets or quads (based on cable design)
+ If specified, shield insulated pairs, triplets, or quads (based on cable design)
+ Cable insulated conductors and/or pairs, triplets, quads into groups (based on cable design)
+ If specified, shield group(s) of conductors/pairs/triplets (based on cable design)
+ Cable together unshielded and shielded groups of conductors into the cable bundle
+ If specified, overall shield cable bundle (based on cable design)
+ If specified, apply separation barriers around cable bundle and/or overall shield
+ Jacket over cable bundle or shielded cable bundle with selected polymer
+ Perform outgoing QA testing (tests based on cable design)

Virginia Plastics Company has documented processes for each step in manufacturing cable. These enable control of processes for optimum quality and conformity of finished product to specified requirements.

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