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On June 6, 2005, Virginia Plastics Company (VPC) Board of Directors approved the sale of the operating assets, patents, and trademarks of the Utility Division.

Gianni Enterprises, Inc., doing business as Virginia Plastics Utilities (VPU), will operate, manufacture and develop products for the utility industry on location at Virginia Plastics Company.

Virginia Plastics Company will continue to manufacture products formerly produced by the Electronics Division (cable and cord sets), and will focus on development of new products for that industry.

We at Virginia Plastics Company would like to thank all of our Utility customers, suppliers, and business partners. It has been a pleasure to serve and be served by you.

If you have any questions, please call:

Virginia Plastics Company      (540) 981-9700

Virginia Plastics Utilities          (540) 982-0111

Below is a list of the products now being manufactured by Virginia Plastics Utilities.

Installation and Identification Devices

Conformable polymer insert for
conduit, risers, and cable duct ●

Provides smooth and safe curved surface
to protect distribution wire/cable
during pulls ●

Abrasion resistant materials shield cables
from damage during creep/movement ●

Spreader Tools
Strong and fully insulated tool for
spreading distribution wires●
Light weight reduces stress and
fatigue on linemen●
Handles triplex and quadraplex wire
to provide working clearance ●

UGI Clips
Spring-like clip fits a range of
cable sizes●
Fully insulated for attaching identification tags to underground cable●
Suitable for gripping and installing
with a hot stick ●

Protective Guards & Markers

Guy marker has integral enlarged lower
section for greater coverage of
Lower section can cover and grip
guy anchors as well as bolt-on
guy strand clamps●
Aesthetically pleasing shape blends
into residential and retail areas ●

Compression connector cover is one
piece with integral hinge●
Self-locking tabs snap into rectangular
openings to secure closure●
UV protected materials provide
excellent outdoor life ●

P-Class Molding
Unique ground wire cover encloses
and contains the ground wire●
Replaces unsightly clamps or
distorted/warped ground wire molding●
Aesthetic appearance complements
homes and retail shops/stores ●

Guy marker maintains its size and
shape until snapped into position●
Once installed, guy marker squeezes
together into a tighter fit around
guy strand●
Provides quick and repeatable
installations with a safely
concealed clamp ●

Reflective Markers
Enhanced guy marker features a highly
durable outdoor bond to reflective tape●
Reflective surfaces offer much greater
visibility at night and in low light●
Several reflective patterns for different
types of locations ●

Spiral Markers
Easy, twist-on installation onto guy strand●
Spiral guy marker will curl down around
guy strand●
Becomes much more difficult for vandals
to remove after several weeks ●

Split Tubing
Durable, tough inert polyolefin tubing
for protection of wire●
Longitudinal split makes push-on
installation repeatable●
UV protected materials are suitable for
underground and durable for above
ground use ●

U-Class Molding
Rigid PVC ground wire molding prevents
warping or snaking on the pole that occurs
with polyethylene molding exposed to
temperature changes●
U-Class shape remains in close contact
with pole, reducing exposure of large
sections of ground wire ●

Railroad Specialty Products

Tie Pads
Tough, protective pad goes between steel rails and concrete crossties●
UV protected to provide long outdoor life without degradation●
Resists cold flow to help maintain secure
grip of rail anchors over time and usage ●

Wildlife Protection

Line Obstructers
Multiple rotating disks on power lines
obscure line of sight of climbing animals
to discourage entering substations●
Free rotation of disks creates an unstable
surface that squirrels or other rodents
don't want to cross●
Consistent and repeatable installation
minimizes time to fully install and protect
substations from access via power lines ●

Pole Wraps
Abrasion-resistance, slippery material
blocks squirrels and rodents from
climbing utility poles●
Reduces likelihood of animals using pole
to crossover to power lines or climbing
into transformers●
UV protected inert material withstands
extensive exposure to sunlight, saltwater,
acid rain, and virtually all chemicals ●

Wildlife Barrier
System of interconnecting panels to block
squirrels, rodents, and snakes from
entering substations●
Installation does not require taking substation out of service to insulate energized surfaces●
Long outdoor life formulation can
withstand UV exposure, sunlight, rain,
airborne chemicals without damage ●

Virginia Plastics Utilities
888 - 441- 8974

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